How to get Light Reflection reacting to camera movement


We’ve been trying to get the light reflection on surfaces to react to the camera movement.

Like in this example: Shapespark Example Scene Light Reflection

1-Is this an option we have to activate on the material or object?

2-Is this a general option to activate on the project?

3-Or is this related to the material configuration, bump map, roughness and metallic? And also the use of light probes in specific locations?

Would really appreciate your input.


To see light reflections the scene needs to have at least one light probe. The reflections are visible only on materials with roughness smaller than 1. The smaller the roughness the stronger the reflections. Metallic materials also have stronger reflections than non metallic.

If you are testing reflections with some very basic scene - for example only white material, no sky texture, the reflections won’t be noticeable.