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How to get more high res 360 panorama

Hello Team,

how we can export more high res 360 panorama or stero 360 panorama than 8126 px. we need atleast 12000 px .

Please sugest best possible way.


Hello Everyone,

I dnt know this is happing with me or everone facing. Trail is for only 30 days. if we put any question on forum it take 3-4 days even more for answer. Please team trunaround time make great product. Hope you take in consideration.


It is not possible to export larger panorama, 8192 is the limit

Hi all,
Could you pls explain how you export panaromas from sceen?
Thank you.

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Open your scene in the scene editor and press the P key. Then, in the Take screenshot dialog select the 360 panorama in the Mode dropdown.

Thank you, thats work fine, but the issue that I realize that some vertical or horizontal straight lines are distorted like cracked. What should I check on the sceen?
The other question. Is there any way to video export of the scene?

Do you refer to 360 panorama or 360 stereo panorama? Could you paste the affected part of the panorama image?

Shapespark doesn’t support video exports, so if you need to produce a video walkthrough, the only way is to use a screen capture tool.

This is the tv in the sceen. Normally it looks fine but in the 360 panaroma that how it is.
Thank you

Also let me ask information for cameras. There are 2 options, one is spherical, other is cube. Could you pls share some information how to use cameras in the sceen.
For example how can I look from the camera or how can I use the cameras in the sceen, what are the differences? Could you please share some tutorials about cameras?
Thank you.

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Could you share the link to this scene, so we could take a closer look at the artifacts?

The camera volumes allow you to adjust brightness in certain parts of the scene, for example to make the building interior, or even just a single room, brighter. When the camera enters a camera volume, the camera volume settings like Exposure or Gamma take precedence over the global settings. For more information see: