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How to hand over control of the project to the client?

Hi, I’m Jarek and I’m a freelancer.
Let’s assume that I made a scene for my client.
He uploaded it on his server and now i want hand over control over that project to him.
By writing about control, I mean creating a meetings, controling minutes, buying them more.
Is there any way he can do this without involving me in?


Of course, ask your client to get a monthly shapespark license and add you to their team, that way you can choose to upload the tour to your or your client’s cloud. If you choose the latter, they will have full control over that tour! When they no longer want to continue with Shapespark, they simply don’t renew the license and that’s it!


@jorgearq Thank You!
That was very helpful

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@jorgearq I’m trying to do that now.
How can i find my client’s existing account?
Should i search it in 'Teams -> Username -> Add & update my subscription?
Will there be a fee for adding an existing account for which the customer has already paid?

It works the other way round: for you to be able to upload to the customer account, the customer needs to add you as a team member in the ‘Teams’ tab.

Hi @Waliguru
quote=“jorgearq, post:2, topic:1935”]
ask your customer to get a monthly Shapepark license and add it to their team

As @jan says, it is they who should add you, let them look for your account. Once they do, when you choose to upload the scene you will be given the option to upload it to your account or theirs.

This is the procedure

  1. ask your customer to go to their cloud of shapespark on the web

  2. ask him to go to the teams tab

  3. press the green button for your client to add you

  4. Once this is done you will appreciate this option when you try to upload the tour.
    teams Upload in other account 01

The confusion may be that this operation of adding someone to the team is not done from the desktop application, it is done from the cloud of shapespark on the web!