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How to improve workflow for lighting

How could I have a workflow that allows me to control the lighting of the scene. That is, I would like to work in 3d max or other software and render with a rendering engine, adjusting the lighting until I achieve the correct lighting. Then export to shapespark and just render and get the same result. Because if I do it directly in shapespark the results are always similar, or they are not what I was looking for, the workflow is very slow and the previews are not entirely correct.
Thank you very much.

Each rendering engine has its own lighting & material system, so the lighting & material settings are not easily transferable between engines. Furthermore, static rendering engines, unlike real-time ones, are not required to render a few dozens of frames per second, so their material & lighting system might be much more complex. In many cases replicating all the lighting details of a static render may not be possible at all in a real-time engine.

Could you share the scene you are working on? We’ll take a look at them to see if tuning the lighting settings may improve the result.