How to measure a model

I have seen in the forum how to place measurements of space in the model below.

Shapespark doesn’t have a way to measure a model, is there an alternative?

You could add some objects in your 3D modeling program that would show measurements, something like: Search for ruler | 3D Warehouse

Such objects could be hidden by default and shown only in some Shapespark views. Such objects with measurements can be shown in some fixed location, but it won’t be possible for user to move them in the Shapespark viewer.

Hi, jan
Thanks for your reply.

I have figured out how to add an object in a 3D modeling program that would display the dimensions.

Can you please tell me how to measure the model in Shapespark, as shown in the attached figure?

However, I don’t think Shapespark has the ability to measure. I think this figure shows the measurements in the model and shows/hides them in Shapespark. Isn’t that right?

Right, Shapespark doesn’t have functions to measure the model. You would need to measure in a 3D modeling program and include the numbers on the textures that show the measurements.

Hi !

One option could be to use the fonction viewer.onNodeTypeClicked([nodeTypeName], callback) More infos.

The call back contains the distance between the camera and the clicked point … Might help :slight_smile:

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