How to Not Override Settings

I’m sorry - complete amateur here, but I can’t find the answer anywhere on the forum already.

What’s the correct process to make a change in Revit, then send the model up to Shapespark, without overriding all the work I did in the online Shapespark Editor?

When I make a change to my Revit model, I’m exporting via the Shapespark Add-In to “update existing model”, then in the Shapespark program, I’m clicking “Upload”, then I to to the Shapespark cloud and click to “edit” that newly-uploaded model, where all my prior model settings are gone and reset.

How do I make an update in Revit without destroying that work? Thanks in advance!

If you are using cloud editor to edit your scene now it’s not possible to update your model in cloud from Revit. You should download your scene from shapespark cloud to your desktop editor. From Revit export your scene with our exporter choosing “update existing model” with exact the same name of scene as the one you want to update on your computer. Afterwards you can upload your scene back to the cloud and edit it there.
In the future we are planning to add option of updating your scene straight from Revit to the Cloud. However, I’m currently unable to provide a definitive timeline for its implementation.

Thanks for this! I didn’t realize there was a desktop editor, I was exclusively using the cloud one :exploding_head: :man_facepalming:. So excited now, thank you!