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How to put custom audio? and other questions about it

Hi @wojtek, some question about audios

1- How can I put an audio with a personal description, a brief description of the space or some specific object, how can I do that?
2- I want to know if there are other sources of audio besides this which is the only one that has worked for me. (
3- this site has a spectacular audio system, how can I use this site to enter their audios? (

If you have your own audio file, you have to put it on some web hosting first. For example, if you use WWW hosting service to host a website, it could be used to host audio files as well. Then you can use the address of the hosted file as the URL property of the Shapespark Audio extension.

One more that I know that works with Shapespark is

This site seems to generate the audio procedurally, so it cannot be used directly. I think you would have to buy an audio file version of the selected noise and use the file as in point 1.

Thansk @wojtek, another Qs:

  1. how long the audio file could be? 2 min or more?
  2. how I can control the volume?

There is no limit for the audio length.

Currently, there is no volume control. Are you thinking about controlling the volume during the scene creation or about offering volume control to the viewer?

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@wojtek volume control in both cases.

Thanks for the information. For now, if the audio file you are going to use needs volume adjustment, it needs to be done in the audio file itself using some audio editing software.

Thanks @wojtek I appreciate the information!