How to view 3D with Oculus Quest with new Shapespark version

Good morning everyone. I have always used an Oculus Quest to view my work in virtual reality. I just uploaded a new work and using the viewer I saw that the graphics of Shapespark have changed and I don’t understand how to see in virtual reality. Can anyone help me ? Thank you.
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Can you share the scene you have uploaded so we could check?

Hi Kamil
These are the two new works that I can’t see with the Oculus Quest 2

I have uploaded two new works named Massi Botta and Cinema Rapallo. If I go to the Shapespark site with my PC, it opens correctly in VR, but neither of them opens with the Oculus Quest headset. I pressed on the three dots and shared, hoping you can help me solve the problem.

I would like to point out that since you changed the graphics on the Shapespark website, I can no longer see the new works in VR (I can see the old ones).
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Marco Zamboni

I noticed that out of 16 projects loaded with the upload button, only 10 I could open them with Oculus Quest 2 in VR. I tried to delete a project enabled for VR and another not enabled replaced him by being able to open it with Oculus in VR. I have deleted several projects to be able to open the two that interest me. Now I can open the Casetta Massi project with Oculus in VR but the Cinema Rapallo project does not enable. At this point I thought that only 10 projects can be seen with Oculus in VR, so I deleted other projects that I had loaded with upload. Now I have 10 projects uploaded with uploads, but only 7 can be seen in VR with a viewer, I must have been wrong. Can you help me ?
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Marco Zamboni

The issue has been identified and will be investigated, see: VR function is not enabled for 2 projects - #3 by wojtek