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HTML Extension Limits

What are the limits for the HTML that can be included in an HTML Extension?

  1. As an example, can I embed a style sheet in the code so that I can control the look of the content rather that adding a style attribute to each HTML tag?
  2. Are there any plans for allowing me to include a local image in the HTML extension?

Well, after some additional testing, I found that I could embed a style sheet. I just made a couple of stupid mistakes in my original test! :blush:

However, my original question still exists. What type of limits (if any) exist in the HTML that can be included?

There are no particular limits to what you can place as the content of an HTML label, so feel free to experiment.

We do not have short term plans for including local images. Have you considered using some image hosting service and using URLs to image hosted there?

Not really because the images I wanted to include were things like logos. I also wanted some other special types of equipment images. You have given me another thought I will try to explore though. If we self host, can I include local images?

If you have your own hosting with secure HTTPS protocol support, you could also host all the required images there and point to these images in src attributes of <img> elements in HTML labels. It will work even without self-hosting the scenes.

I tried using Dropbox but it did not work for me. The image is not showing up.

I think it should be possible. Could you look at: ?

Thanks for that link @wojtek, Using dl in the file path link instead of www did the trick. I was going to do some research on that today but you gave me exactly the tool I needed. :+1::+1:

Bottom line here is that this could also be used as a way to provide video and audio files as well.

Came up with a different problem related to information stored on Dropbox.

I have successfully been able to load images into an HTML Extension. Now I have a situation where I want to load an html document into an iframe on the page. When I have .an HTML page specified as the src in the iframe, it tries to save the html document instead of loading it in the iframe. I have been working with it all day but cannot get it to work.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Here is a link to a zip file that might give you some idea of what I am trying to accomplish. Zip File In particular, look at the TunnelMenu.html fil.

In particular,

The problem is that Dropbox no longer supports hosting HTML files. So, while you can use shared links to images as an <img src=... attribute, you cannot use shared links to HTML files as an <iframe src=... attribute. So, for hosting HTML files you would need some other service.

OK - I can understand that. Interesting part is that if I have Dropbox running on my machine and am using my local browser instead of Shapespark, the page works fine. So, bottom line is that currently, I do not have any way to develop, test, and implement what I was trying to accomplish. I will have to find some way to host the html file.

Primarily, what I am trying to develop is a list of equipment that I use as a menu. When the viewer clicks on an equipment name I would then populate an iFrame with a 3D image and description of the equipment. KInd of a “showcase”. I will have to come up with a different way to accomplish it.

Thanks for the reply and any suggestions you have are greatly welcomed. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was looking at OneDrive but could not figure out how to link to something on there (I have never used OneDrive for anything). I will have to do some research. For right now, that is the only other option I have.

OneDrive is a file hosting service, like Dropbox, so it will most likely have the same limitation. To host HTML files as (embeddable) websites you would need a web hosting service.

Was kind of afraid of that :frowning_face:

Also sending you a PM

Tried several things from OneDrive and verified that cannot use it the way I wanted to.

Just curious is you saw the PM I sent you.