Humanize the tour

I would like to know if we were able to somehow “humanize” the camera movements of the tour.

The feeling of lack of gravity bothers me a little in terms of a better navigation experience and adaptation in a ride.

Maybe some Script or some way to implement “gravity/weight” to users.

I’m attaching an image to better understand what I’m saying.

I even thought about the possibility of a Script that:

when pressing the “W” it automatically combines a little “Q” and “E” to give this movement of walking with weight and gravity.

Yes you are correct support team please reply

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Thanks for the idea! We consider all the ideas posted on the forum when planning future development, but unless it is something already on our road-map, we are unable to immediately respond if and when a feature will be added.

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Great Thnaks for replying.

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any update??? on this