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I can not place an image with HTML extension 😔

hello, I have already managed to place embedded web pages, sounds, material choice and even go from one scene to another, but no matter how hard I try I can not insert a simple image with the HTML extensions! my problem is that I do not know where I should host my images so they can be read correctly (I know that dropbox, GDrive, box do not work) I’ve tried and nothing! what should I do? Where can I host my images?

If you have your own web site that uses HTTPS, the best option is to place the images in some directory there.

Technically Imgur seems to work: you need to right click on an image and select Copy image address, then use the address in the HTML extension like:

<img src="" />

While this works, I’m not sure if Imgur Terms of Service allows for such usage. It is safer to use image hosting service that explicitly allows for hot linking (such services are usually paid, like

BTW, Dropbox can also be used for hosting images (or at leat it could be used a few months ago): HTML Extension Limits

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Hi @wojtek, I try many options include dropbox with 3rd party pages but negative results

Already I use Facebook images from our page and is working.