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I can pass trough invisible (and visible) barrier!

Hi, I want to share this tour
To show you some issues that I try to improve

  1. Invisible barriers
    Some times we don’t want entire space aviable, then we use some invisible planes to block out people, in this tour I place many of them but I can pass trough if you click far point on screen. This problem also happen whith walls (seethe video)

  2. if I put a invisible barrier all Hotspot behind them is totally block, so is imposible to interact with trigger behind barriers.

This issue born because some users complain wen them click on a wall and move in front of but too close, so they stick there. I tried to figure it out how to avoid that.

If someone have an answer to those issues please let me know.


Thank you for the detailed report.

  1. The first issue is a bug in how the collisions are handled in scenes with stairs. When you click on an object, the collision detection logic checks how far in this direction the camera can move in a straight line without hitting any obstacle. This approach works correctly if there are no stairs, but with stairs, the path can become blocked by an obstacle because the camera height changes. We will work on fixing this.

  2. Tomorrow we will release a change that adds support for setting WALK.KEY_MOVE_MIN_DISTANCE_TO_OBSTACLE. It will allow you to limit how close you can walk to obstacles without affecting trigger click detection (for now this will be available only in Shapespark hosting so you will need to upload the scene to test it).

Ok @jan, thanks for your attention and answer. I will wait for new release.

I’m wondering if you will work in a mayor change in the design of the Shapespark board?

@jorgearq we have released a new version of the viewer to our hosting. If you put:


in the body-end.html file, it will limit the distance to walls to 0.5 meters (or any other number that you will put there instead of 0.5).

Thanks @jan, I will try because I don`t know anything about code so will find some friend that can help me

When will this be available for self hoster?

@tim we still have a couple of things on a todo list, but I think we can make the next release by the end of the next week.

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Hello @jorgearq
Could you please tell me how did you add the info on top of the objects within your 3d model

cc: @jan

Hi @hamad_razzaq.

  1. first, record the position camera views that you want
  2. go to viewer/extensions menu and make new one
  3. inside create extension panel choose extension type (in this case Change view) and put a name.
  4. Press + plus button to choose trigger
  5. in trigger panel choose type (sphere, sprite or object type)
  6. if you choose object, another panel appear, then you can pic on screen or select from list the object
  7. then, in Views to toggle, click on + plus button to select the view that you want to activate
  8. let uncheck ¨do not move camera¨
  9. press ok

To check this you always need to be on Viewer panel, also you can save and see on view mode

control panel shapespark select type extension


triger type


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hi @jorgearq your reply was really helpful,
Thanks a lot

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Hi @jan, I still have the problem of crossing barriers when I touch a point in the distance and there are stairs in the middle, did you manage to solve that? a customer asks me why he keeps reaching places he doesn’t want to even when he has barriers in the middle and I can’t give him an answer to his problem!

Does the barrier go all the way up (for example up to the ceiling), so the customer is forced to click the barrier, no matter how high he is on the stairs?

I’ve tried that option, but I have interactions beyond the barriers and I can’t take the barrier up to the ceiling because that would also block the interactions!

Temporal solution
For now (and only in this case) I can place a ¨change view action¨ on that surface, so instead of taking the user to the place he touches, the action will locate him at a certain distance.