I have a question about bake

Hi, everyone here.
I have a question about bake.

I didn’t change the lighting value or other settings, but it’s baking too brightly than the previous baking result.

Like this picture, it looks too bright when I check the preview screen before baking.
also after baking results looks same, too

The shadow is so weak, it doesn’t look like a good result.

This is the existing baked image

and this is suddenly a strangely baked image…

I didn’t change the material, the lighting, anything else… Why did this happen?
Can I get a solution?
I want to go back to the original baked image…

Hi @rowilab

Do you use Shapespark Cloud, Shapespark Desktop or Shapespark Desktop Beta?

There has been some changes to the ambient occlusion which may affect render output - light strength may need to be tweaked.