I have a question about the switch objects function&hide error

Hi! I have a question
All the furniture should disappear from the display off scene I made. And when you press the display on scene again, objects should appear.
But now, when you press off and then on scene again, other floors and objects that you put in the switch object option appear together. The picture below is about that error. Is there any way to fix this??

link: 3D scene (rowilab.com)


Thank you for reaching out to us. We were able to reproduce this behavior and are investigating this and possible solutions.

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Hi! Currently, the switch-object and hide in views can’t work like you want them to work. You can emulate this desired behavior using custom JavaScript, but this will require proficiency in JavaScript. We are working on finding a way to make this scenario work easily and without breaking any other scenarios.

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Okay, thank you for your responding and working on the resolution! I hope it’s resolved so I can use it without doing any additional JavaScript work…