I have a question about the white line


Hi, everyone here.
Do you happen to know about this white line?
It usually occurs on the ceiling or floor where the wall touches
When I was modeling, I added objects and made them
It looks like light is leaking into the floor.
Also, I didn’t put a separate light material in the modeling, but I keep getting white lines.
What is the cause of this white line? Also, I was wondering how to model it to disappear. I usually use 3ds max. (Do you have any intention of improving it?)

Hi, it’s difficult to say for certain (without seeing the scene) what’s the cause of these white lines. It looks like it is a strip of lightmap pixels that is partly above and below the floor. It may be that your wall goes bellow the floor and the light that is outside is giving this white stripe of lightmap pixels this white color. In that case what would help is if you made the floor thicker, so that it would cover the wall from the outside light. If you could share your scene with us (to support@shapespark.com), then we could investigate the scene if the above does not help you.