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I wonder one thing about preview. 전 프리뷰에 대해 한 가지 궁금한 게 있습니다

때때로, 어떤 오브젝트들은 프리뷰에선 나오지 않습니다.
Sometimes, some objects doesn’t appear in preview.
작업화면에선 잘 보이는데 말이죠.
I can see that in workplace, but I just can’t see in preview.

그 이유가 궁금합니다.
I wonder that reason.

What do you mean by “objects”? Do you mean regular scene meshes, or some other entities like triggers or sky map?

I mean mesh.
메시를 뜻합니다.

I see. If you can’t share the link to the Shapespark scene with us (via forum private message), could you post a screenshot of the baked scene and a screenshot of the render preview?


Thanks for the information. It looks like a bug. We are investigating it.

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Okay. I hope it will be better.

It still have that bug.

@SangHoon_Lim, we have done preliminary analysis of this bug, but haven’t yet found a cause. We’ll need to spend more time on the investigation in the coming weeks.