Icons for triggers need improvement

Hello Shapespark!

  1. Is it possible to add custom icons to the icon of the trigger?
  2. Is it possible to add dynamic gif icons?
    My visitors are always complaining that the icon of the trigger is not obvious enough, and I would like to have a dynamic gif icon, such as a bouncing or flashing icon effect. Will the later version add the feature idea I want to implement? I hope Shapespark will support this feature.

You can use any object in the scene as a trigger, just set trigger Type to Object type:

Such custom triggers can use video textures for animation, or can rotate using the Rotate setting available in the Objects tab.

Hello Jan
Thank you for your reply.

The current Select icon option is too few and not enough, the way I solved it before is to add images in 3D MAX and import them to Shapespark for rendering, but if I want to adjust the placement I need to import Shapespark again and render it again, so the efficiency is too slow, so I want to customize the select icon by uploading a dynamic gif icon in select icon.
The effect I want:
I can only capture static images, please visit this link for details:

I have tried to set the trigger type to object type before, currently the animation effect of the object is only rotation effect, I want to bounce/flash effect.
I’ve also tried the video texture, unfortunately, the video texture layer can’t be displayed on the “微信” ios app built-in browser, it’s blank, and I hope to solve the problem that the video texture can’t be displayed, many of my visitors access the scene from the WeChat built-in browser.

Shapespark doesn’t perform any re-encoding of the provided video, it directly uses the file provided by the user. Mp4 is a very reach format and some of them do not work on ios devices, see: Unable to play embedded Mp4 videos on iPad or iPhone in Confluence | Confluence | Atlassian Documentation
But in general ios supports videos just not all the formats.

For now the only way to customize the triggers is with custom objects. The workflow is indeed not ideal if you need to rearrange the triggers, but it gives much more flexibility with the shape and textures of the triggers than any built-in mechanism that we could provide.

(GIFs are generally not supported by WebGL standard that Shapespark relies on, only videos)