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IES light support

Just in case you haven’t noticed this feature, starting from version 1.11.0 Shapespark supports IES light profiles. IES profile is a measurement of how a particular light source distributes energy depending on the direction, and it allows to achieve more realistic lighting patterns taking into account that some directions are much more illuminated than the others. For example, the below screenshot coming from shows light sources with three nested lobes:

A IES light profile can be configured in the Lights tab of the editor:


Many luminaire producers make the IES profiles for their products available for download. Also, Pixar has granted the IES profiles library used in their RenderMan renderer into the public domain - it’s available here: (thanks, Pixar).


Excelent job with IES light support, so many improvements do you made, some of them lost in the list!

What are proper strength settings for the IES lights?
It appears that I have to set it way down compared to regular spot lights. If I set it above 1, everything is getting over-exposed.
What is the minimal strength?

Usually, the strength for IES is in [0,1] range. If you set an IES profile for a light, the Strength field will allow you to adjust value with a step of 0.1, instead of the default step of 1. So, for example, you will be able to set Strength = 0.2.

By the way, in general it’s best to use a point light, not spot, as a base for IES light. Spots restrict the light radiation to the spot cone also in the IES case.

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Thanks for the explanation!