Iframe and Parent Communication

Hello, is there a way to communicate my HTML to shapespark iframe? Any sample code for that? How get data from myhtml to iframe and iframe to my HTML codes. Also how to set coordinates using codes inside my html? For example I want to get and set coordinates.


Here’s my scenario.

We have web app that iframe the shapespark. That app has video call.

Now I need to get the coordinates, or position of my view. How to get those data? Can anyone provide a sample code on how can I get coordinates and send to my app?

Hello? Anyone? We need answer please

So no one can help me? Or no one knows the answer?

How can I set coordinates from json file? example ihave x: 3763787, z: 5874444, y: 58746888? How to set it using code?

Please send direct message to @jan or @wojtek

Please take a look at: Configurator Commands - #10 by jan

Plese take a look at these parts of the viewer API: