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Im getting error like strange bleach in my Project.since the latest update 2.3.1

Can any help me. I am getting a strange bleach or dark spot with my project.after I bake it.
it never happened before the latest update of 2.3.1.

Please help me.

Could you share a link to the scene with us for issue analysis? If the scene isn’t public you can send it to me via the forum’s private message or via

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3D scene (

Can you try to open this one.

I also Uploaded my settings please check it

and when I change Lightmap resolution to 80 and Max lightmaps to 3
its been fixed. though I dont really know the cause.

Thanks for the update. We are going to release a new version (2.3.2) today that will significantly reduce the amount of baking artifacts of this type, and we will keep looking for a solution to eliminate them totally.