I'm trying to import a 15gb .dae and it's taking 10 hours so far

I’ve imported 3d models almost as big as this one and it never took that long, it came from a blender project… can someone help me?

Have you eventually succeeded in importing this .dae file? Was your computer responsive during the import? If not, it sounds like the importer has run out of memory. In such a case try glTF or FBX formats, which are less verbose than DAE, so smaller in size.

I did not. my computer was okay, i guess its not a hardware wissue cause I my disc has like 300gb and my RAM has 128gb and shapespark only use like 8gb’s, I tried using .fbx and .obj but the .fbx doesnt works too and the .obj messes up my textures. I’m tinking its a software limitation? or maybe its cause my model has too much poligons? Im trying to fix this out, I will try on the .glb tomorrow happy holidays!

How many triangles does you Blender model have?