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Hi there

Sorry for my English, I’m French.

When I import, the TGA files are replaced with PNGs by Shapespark.
The problem: the textures are not replaced in the right place. I have to manually open the TGA, save it as a PNG, and manually import it into Shapespark.

An automatic solution?

Thank you very much for your support have a great day!

What 3D modelling software do you use? Does the problem apply only to TGA textures meaning that other types of textures are correctly exported to Shapespark?

Hello and thank you for your quick response.

I use the Unity engine to export FBXs and have them validated by my clients. As a result, a lot of textures are in TGA, moreover, normal maps, roughness and others cannot be exported, but I read on your forum that it was normal.

To test, I change the textures by hand by saving the TGAs in PNG, it makes a good import, but it’s tedious.

Sorry for my englich :smiley:

Beautiful day !

Would you be able to provide us with a small example of an FBX file and an accompanying TGA texture for which the texture gets misplaced? You can share the file with me via forum’s private message or via email to

I will do it, but first of all, I would like to underline your responsiveness and your professionalism which validates my desire to take a license with you.

I send this email in the afternoon.

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