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Improved Revit support

As you might have already noticed in our changelog, starting from version 1.15 Shapespark supports Revit through a dedicated add-in. Using an intermediate 3D format to import a Revit model is no longer necessary, the model can be exported directly from Revit to Shapespark. You can find the export guide in our help.

We have been continuing the development of the add-in, and Shapespark 1.16 brought import of advanced materials properties from Revit, including roughness, bump, metallic scalars and textures.

If you have already tried the new add-in or are interested in doing so, we’ll welcome any feedback about what you like, what you don’t like or what’s missing.

To end this post, let me present a Shapespark visualization of a timeless Revit classic :wink:

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