In need of 3D Artists for ShapeSpark Projects

We have more work coming in than our team can complete in our targeted timeframe. Looking for experienced 3D modelers who know how to setup a scene in ShapeSpark. We’re not opposed to adding the finishing touches (e.g. lighting / baking, camera positions, etc.).

Primarily looking for the 3D modeling and texturing. 3DMax preferred, but open to other modelling tools as long as the FBX files are created “water / light-tight” at the seams and without any coplanar polygons for proper lighting, texturing and UV coordinates.

We can send floorplans / elevation drawings for you to provide an estimated cost and delivery time on a per project basis. Pricing preferred if it can be based on just the modeling prep’d for ShapeSpark, and then the same project if delivered to us as a completed ShapeSpark Scene.


Bom dia! Eu me chamo Pedro e trabalho com modelagem 3D e estou interessado no trabalho, meu número de contato é 5591999773324…
Esses são alguns dos meus trabalhos:


We can develop all types of project that you could need, we sent you a private message.

Do you speak english?

We have an internal team of 3D artists who create architectural visualizations using 3D Max and ShapeSpark.

However, we currently have more work than we can create… Attached are the floor plans and elevations for a set of four (4) adjoining townhouses. We are looking for you to create the building exterior for all four units as one scene, then Units 1 and 2 as two separate scenes. We will add the ability for the user to load each scene from each other.

The interiors for Units 1 and 2 are to be depicted as isolated 3D models, each in their own scene files. These files will support the “dollhouse” view of the 3D floor plan for all three (3) floors - roughly 700 sf per floor (approximately 2,000 sf per townhouse). As well as the ability to walk through each of the two unique units’ interior floors.

At what price and timeframe can you create these three (3) scenes for this project?

Please break your pricing down as follows:

What is your cost to deliver:

  1. The “ShapeSpark Ready” scenes, but have us do the final processing and publishing?

  2. You deliver the completed, ready to publish ShapeSpark scene?

  3. What is the cost difference for both above, if you are to provide the two scenes for the interior units as vacant vs. furnished or staged?

Can you provide links to your sample scenes, so we can explore them?


I sent you an PM.

Best regards,


Hi Mike, we have done many Shapespark projects. What’s your budget? Please DM me, I can’t reach you.

Agora que consegui ver a sua mensagem de enviar os links, mas mesmo você recusando o meu trabalho, gostaria que você desse uma olhada nos meus trabalhos, vou lhe enviar alguns projetos meus no shapespark:

Hello Mike,

I am Harsh from Bangalore, India.

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Hi sr
only the living room model and its quality of detail seems superior in my opinion.
that’s why I decided to hire you.

Could you please provide/show an example