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Increase the realism

Hi all,

First of, love the product. Great and super intuitive!

Im just starting out with Shapespark for for our interior company to be able to provide to our clients. Im getting the gist of it all though was just looking for some pointers on how to increase the realism slightly?

Ive attached 2 scenes (a night and day version). If theres anything that you see as an easy fix to increase the realism slightly id be up for suggestions just to help me moving forward. I think the darker one is a lighting issue though again, up for any tips and help.

Many thanks for your time,

edit: I know there are 1 or 2 dodgy textures in there that dont load, it was more the technical aspect I was looking for help with!

You need better textures. You also need to play with the roughness and metallic settings of materials, particularly of glass and metals. Also check your bake settings. I’d suggest going to supplier websites and downloading their product textures that you’re specifying.
Also put some light probes to improve realism.


Hi @darylburton.
I suggest you a few things
After you get better textures as @Wing suggests, play with the bump, roughness and brightness of them. (
In the camera tab, decrease the FOV of the camera, I think you have it too wide and that takes away realism.
In the same tab load a color map that enhances the scene. (PNG LUTs, how to creat and use it in shapespark)

Finally, get good quality objects but not too many polygons, remember that this gives realism but can load a lot the scene. (


Great stuff, thanks a lot @Wing & @jorgearq - all makes sense. Ill bear it in mind for future projects.

Thanks again for your help,

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