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Inquiry: Special 3D tour

Recently I have received an inquiry to create a 3d tour. Therefore, I am looking for someone who is able to create a tour like this:

Does anyone have an idea how this tour has been created? Would it be possible to create the same tour/application with shapespark?
If some is able to create such a tour/application, please get in touch with me and send me your references and/or examples of similar work. Thank you.

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Hi, if it has to be absolutley identical, that would be hard to realize in Shapespark. But something similar is possible. That means being ableto click on objects to let popup information windows open and give more informations about the product. Can you maybe give more informations what exactly of that sample you need?

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@Paulo_DT As @loetzsch said more info would help determine if it is possible.

It is hard to tell exactly what this is created with as there are many different approaches to this kind of content.

Viewing this on mobile is a better experience than desktop so I guess it is targeted at mobile?

The navigation is very prescribed, which could benefit a less tech savvy end user, but is also limiting and Shapespark could offer much more in terms of flexibility in navigation and definitely more opportunity to scale up to more content.

The way the pop up information is presented is much slicker than can be achieved out of the box with Shapespark and therefore to get the same sleek experience you would need to involve a programmer who could work on extending the UI and controlling pop up content either inside or externally to the shapespark scene…

Whether Shapespark is better than this for either this experience or one you have been asked to do, really depends on the need / challenge your client is looking to solve. We always start there and then decide on the right application or approach to solve their need.

I honestly didn’t get the context of why someone would use the experience and there was little in terms of call to action either, so whilst it looked nice not sure what it achieves.

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I see, unfortunately I dont have more information yet. The client ask to create something identical. I will figure out if animation is a prerequisite for the order

You are absolutely right. I will get in touch with the client once again and discuss what the aim is. Thank you so far for the information and your Assessment