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Installation Problem

I keep getting the following error when I try to install 1.5.5

I do have Admin rights (that is how I have installed all other software).

Software finally installed but now the Python software has been blocked by AVG Free - I am trying to get it unblocked.

The error from your screenshot looks like an anti-virus false positive which blocks the installer from running.

A possible reason is that the file has just been released and is not yet in AV databases, including cloud ones.

Are you able to run Shapespark now? If not I can provide you with the previous installer, so you could work with the 1.5.4 version until the issue is resolved.

The installer I ad was 1.5.3 and it installs fine so if you can send me the 1.5.4 version at least I could get up to that version…:slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve sent you a link via PM.

Thanks - I am back to 1.5.4 now. I appreciate your patience and sorry to by such a PITA.

No problem at all.:slight_smile:

We’ll see what we can do to avoid anti-virus false positives.

Thanks, I am looking forward to some things I saw mentioned in the 1.5.5 update.

We’ve sent false detection report to AVG. Hopefully, they will fix it and prevent it from happening for the future Shapespark versions.

Got closer today but then got another error message and it created a log file which I am attempting to attach for you.