Integrate shapespark into a workflow

Hello Forum, I am totally new to shapespark :slight_smile:
For my project, I am creating 3D room models in a web based 2D editor, and I’d like to display them as realistic 3D models. My question is the following…

Is it possible to integrate shapespark into a website with an automated workflow that looks something like: import model → apply predefined lighting conditions → Bake → upload scene → display on the website

As I understand it, the native app is required on your device to perform such tasks, but is it possible to automate the process?

Thank you for your time!

Is the 2D editor created by you or some other company? We have a solution that allows to integrate Shapespark rendering with third-party modelling tools, but such integration is something that the provider of the web based room editor would need to sing-up for and implement on their end.

Alternatively, does the web based editor allow to export 3D models in one of GLTF, FBX, OBJ or COLLADA formats?

The 2D editor is selfmade and the 3D model creation is done via BabylonJS integrated into the system. Exporting the Scene as GLTF is therefore possible. As i found out in the pricing section of shapespark, hosting the scenes yourself is only possible with the premium plan. I hope my company is willing to pay that :smiley:

Thank you