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Intellectual property right

hello guys!

i am from china, i want to use shapespark.

but the network of shapespark cloud server is too low for chinese people.

so, i find chan3d from 知乎 , It’s so similar to shapespark.

so ,i want to know ,if i use chan3d , Whether intellectual property rights are infringed。


Thank you, we didn’t know about chan3d. It looks like they could be using Shapespark code (the editor screenshots looks like a localized Shapespark editor). They also include screenshots of Shapespark customers’ projects. We will be checking this further.

3D scene assets for China-based clients are hosted in China, so while access to can be slow and download of scenes created by clients outside of China can be also slow in China (for example demo scenes at, download of your own scenes should work well. With the Plus subscription plan or the perpetual license you can also create self-hosting bundles, and host the scenes from your own server.