Interactive HTML Link Not Working

I am having problems with an interactive HTML link not working on a published scene. It works fine in the editor and when I view it from the Shapespark page on my laptop (the one with all of my projects in process) but when I upload it, the link is not working.

On carwash scene, click o the Entrance view and then click on the BMG button and see if the web site page shows in the HTML object space (do not know what terminology you use for the space :slightly_smiling_face:).

I have links in another scene that seem to work fine but this one is failing for some reason.

BTW: I would also like to have the company logo as part of the display but still have not been able to find a way to get an image to show.

The reason for such a behavior is that you are viewing your scene using secure HTTPS protocol while the source address for the iframe displayed in the BMG label uses non-secure HTTP protocol. If the website uses HTTPS protocol, all the iframe embedded inside also have to use HTTPS protocol. So, to make the iframe work replace http:// with https:// in the iframe source address.

That is not the issue in this case. They do not use HTTPS protocol. I did notice that I did not have www but that did not make a difference either. As I said, it works while in the editor or on the scene editing page but does not work from the Uploaded scenes page. Did you try it and see if it would display the page for you?

Could you double check that you are not using HTTPS (there is neither https:// prefix in the address bar nor a lock icon)?

Please try opening first (HTTP) and then (HTTPS). In the former case the iframe should work, in the latter should not.

OK - That is the source.

Now, when I am on the editor page and I click on the Uploaded scenes link, it takes me to https and my uploaded scenes. So, the bottom line is that after I edit a page, upload it, and then go to the Uploaded scenes, this particular link is a problem. However, I have other links in another scene but those links all work and I do not have them specified as https.

I think there is nothing wrong with this particular iframe address except it must use the HTTPS protocol if you are going to present your scenes with the HTTPS protocol - this is a general rule: browsers do not show iframes fetched over the HTTP protocol inside websites using the HTTPS protocol.

As for another scene that you mention containing an iframe fetched over HTTP: maybe you have viewed this scene also using the HTTP protocol? This would explain why such an iframe worked.

Yes, I fully understand. Just a little problem if you go to the Uploaded Scenes page because it uses HTTPS. I will make not of that as I test or share the links in the future.