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Interactive interior scene

Hi! I’d like to share this interactive interior we built in Shapespark.


Hi @Naushad_Alam,

Your presentation looks really awesome ! Can you share how many polygons your scene has and the lightmap resolution of your scene ? Can you also share how many total number of light probes have you used.

Best luck for your future projects. Cheers !

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Thank you and I am sorry @nishantambekar this was my old project so I don’t remember it was long time ago, the best way is to change light map and bake again and again. i did the same keep testing that until we get this result. And about light probes I think we used 18 to 20 overall.
Best of luck to you too. (if I get this file I will let you know)

Excellent job! How do you mix?. I have an idea of ​​how you mixed the 360 ​​photos with the renders but I don’t know how you mixed the interactions on the shapespark tours :thinking: and over 360 photos? How did you change butons? How did you put lateral drop down menú?

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thank you , for shapespark tour you need to know a lit bit of html CSS and java-script , i basically create custom index file for that and for 360 tours customization -i did that in XML codes(there are many software to do so like pan-to-vr ,etc, just search panorama tours ) .


I am so impressed ! this is exactly what we are looking for in japan real estate
simple and so easy to understand and control
thank you so much for this work

how did you create all the sense within same tab?thats so amazing
this is one of the latest vr town in japan,
which seems to be very far behind technically


thank you @STUDIO55KAI i am glad that you liked it
i like the price simulation from your tour I wanted to add that to my tour as well but client didn’t want so…
Thank you for sharing your tour, its a little bit complicated but still like some of the functionality…
Best of luck for your future projects.