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Internal Server error


I downloaded ‘bundled zip’ from one of my projects, and upzip it, upload it to my server through Filezila (Binary mode). However when I enter the link, the result is as below.

Not sure what I missed or didn’t do.

Please help!

Sent the problematic link through Report/Ask in the Shapespark desktop application.

EDIT: Please ignore the reply. I misunderstood the issue.

A bundle is a set of scene files for hosting, but doesn’t contain all the files needed to edit the scene, which means a bundle cannot be imported back to the Shapespark application.

If you’ve uploaded this scene to our hosting, we can download it from the hosting for you.

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Right, I don’t want to edit anything.

I wanted to check the bundle how it works or find out how to host on my server.

I read some related article about self hosting in the forum, but I can’t find a clear way how to host my scenes to my server.

I should give the bundle to my client in order for them to upload the scene on their server. So I need to know how to do it first!

Hope you could answer to this question

I am sorry. I have misunderstood the issue, so please ignore my first reply.

The error you receive means some server configuration error. Since the error is internal to the server, we cannot find out more details about the error cause - you would need to ask the hosting support for more information.

A Shapespark bundle is a set of regular files that don’t require any special configuration on most servers. It’s likely that the issue you encounter is not specific to Shapespark. Have you tried uploading some other files to the server and check if you can access them in the browser?

Yes I uploaded images and was able to see it on the browser but not the bundle.

I am not sure what I missed. Is this way correct?

Shapespark bundle → unzip it → transfer the unzipped folder to my server (binary mode) → See result

Or is there anything else I should do with the files?

Yes, this way is correct.

To troubleshoot the issue, could you remove all the files except index.html and see if there is still the “500 Internal Server Error” message"?

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Yes, I removed all and tried only with the index.html and could open the browser with no errors.

The title of browser changed to “3D Scene”

Should I change something or do anything further?

I only deleted the .htaccess and could open the scene.

Can I just use it like this?

Yes. The scene will work fine without .htaccess, except that some of the scene files that could be compressed to shorten the download time, might not be served compressed in your configuration.

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