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Invalid image size limit?

disable automatic texture downscaling based on how large a scene area a single repetition of the texture occupies invalid?

I am not sure I understand your issue correctly. Could you send us a screenshot showing this issue?

Do you mean that you’ve found this option not to work? Is the texture is Shapespark less readable or does it have incorrect colors?

The maximum resolution for textures in Shapespark is 2048 x 2048 (with an exception for the sky texture: 4096x2048). This restriction still holds even when “Auto scale resolution” is disabled.

What’s the resolution of your original texture?

My picture is beyond the limit
Thank you for your answer

If you need to work around the 2048x2048 maximum resolution restriction, split the surface into N parts, split the original texture into N corresponding parts, and apply the texture parts to surface parts. This way the total resolution of the surface will be higher than 2048x2048.

thank It’s a very effective way