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Inversion of the view with the mouse

Good morning !

I am looking for a way to reverse the movement of the view, several visitors have complained that the direction is not natural.

How to do this ?


You can change the directions by adding #flipmouse to the scene URL, eg:

Or, if you have the Standard or Plus plan, you can put the following body-end.html file in the scene directory in Documents\Shapespark:


Hello and thank you for your response.

I did not understand where to put the script.

I have the plus version, I created a text file at the location indicated with the script, but that did nothing…

I’m a bit silly sorry…

Locate your scene directory in Documents\Shapespark, for example: Documents\Shapespark\my-scene. Create a new file called body-end.html in this directory and paste the above snippet into the file. When you open the scene in the view mode by clicking in the thumbnail instead of the “Edit” button the mouse direction will be changed.