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Is it possible a 50 million poly scene?

Hey everyone.

I’m working on some high-end 3D images of a rooftop in 3DS Max and I would want to use the same file on Shapespark. The file has about 50M polys, mostly because of the trees and plants, because my client wants the vegetation as accurate as possible.

Can I make this scene work? If yes, is there some trick that I can use to optimize it?

ps: I will use a Ryzen 5 and GTX 1660 to bake it.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

The largest textured Shapespark scene I’ve seen was around 20M triangles. I believe 50M could work on a high-end GPU, but I am afraid it would be hardly shareable. It wouldn’t open on an average desktop computer, and most likely on any mobile device. Plus, it would take a long time to download and open such a scene. So, I’d suggest you to optimize the scene geometry.

Do the trees use geometry to shape leaves, or simple polygons with cutout textures?

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Yes, they are simple polygons with cutout textures.

I will try to convince them to simplify the scene. Thank you @wojtek !

It’s done. The scene has now 5M polygons and woks pretty well.



That is indeed impressive that you worked with more than 5M polygons.

May I ask how many lightmaps with the scene did you bake?

Hi there,

Looks really nice. Nice details. :slight_smile:

@Cob_KYU the scene was baked with 2 lightmaps (75 and 5).

@peepshowillustration thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey @wojtek .

Is it possible to create different url for each one of the views in the scene?


For example, my client may have a person that will probably be interested in buying an apartment mostly because of the gym, and for this case he wants to send the walkthrough starting from the gym. And etc.

Yes. add a #view=<VIEW NAME> hash to the end of the URL. If your URL already has some hashes, append the new one using & instead of #.

For example:

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That’s amazing! Thank you @wojtek !