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Is it possible to change materials from within the Shapespark VR viewer?

Hi everyone! I’m entirely new to Shapespark, so apologies if this feature already exists or this post isn’t in the right place.

Is it possible to change out surface materials from within the Shapespark viewer? Or from a user-friendly interface before entering into the Shapespark viewer? I’m working with a client who wants to upload their own artwork for graphics that go on fixtures in his store.

The long way to do this would be to swap out the graphics from within Sketchup, and just update the Shapespark model for the client. But he’d like to be able to change out the graphics himself.

If it’s not possible on Shapespark + Sketchup, is there another platform we could build this on?

Thank you for your time!

Hello! Shapespark has a material picker that allows to select materials from a fixed set of materials configured by the scene author. To see how it works load this scene and click such triggers:

My understanding is that such a material picker doesn’t address your case, because you would like to set textures that do not exist when the scene is created but are provided later by your client.

Shapespark has API to load external textures, but you would still need to build an interface for your client to upload these textures, store them on some server and pass to Shapespark. If this is something that you would like to do, check the Replace textures using images or videos from external source section of the Shapespark API document.

An alternative is for your client to use Shapespark editor to replace textures in a scene prepared by you and upload new versions of the scene. The textures can be set easily in the Shapespark editor, SketchUp is not required. This tutorial explains all steps needed to replace textures in an existing Shapespark model.