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Is there any to exchange scene

Hi Experts,

I have a question regarding scene sharing. If I create a scene under one account, can I host it in a different account. For instance if I work for a client using my account but once finished, would like to deliver to my client so that he can upload the scene under his account. This may sount basic question, but couldn’t see any reference in the site.


If your subscription plan allows, you can bundle the scene and the client could upload those files to his server.

The solution suggested by @tim is best suited to a scenario in which your customer isn’t a Shapespark user.

Adding to it, if your customer is a Shapespark user, you can consider delivering the finished scene to them, by sharing the scene directory from Documents\Shapespark. Then, they could upload the scene to their account using the Shapespark desktop application.

Just to clarify.
When we’re talking about “Own Server” it’s the same as the “Web hosting Server” the one where we’re hosting our website or it’s a completely different kind of server?

Yes, this is the same as the “web hosting server”. The Plus plan and the perpetual license allows you to create a bundle for self-hosting, and such bundles can be placed on your own web hosting server. You can find more information here:

@wojtek Thanks for the clarification. Appreciate it!!!

Thanks all for your clarifications