Issue : Bake failed: Process exited with non-zero error status

Hi !
Just been starting using Shapespark worked great for the past 3 days.
Was able to bake my scene perfectly (using 1 sun light)

Since today I can’t bake them anymore. Same scene. I tried to reduce de samples the boucnes and the resolution.
I always get these message at the end : Bake failed: Process exited with non-zero error status.

Could someone help me with that ?


Tried to re-export my model and re-import it and now it works great.
Looks like the issue came from the model it-self.

Good to hear it’s working now.

If you still have a scene which causes this error or if you encounter this issue with another scene in the future please send us the scene folder from Documents\Shapespark for analysis (eg. via )