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Issues with Blurry text

Hi @jan and @wojtek ,

I have an issue with a scene my partner is working on. 2 of the text bitmaps appears blurry even thought the bitmap is exactly the same as the one next to it, with regards to pixel dimensions and settings within shapespark. Please can you advise what the issue is, what have we missed?

Warm regards

This turns out to be a bug, that causes the changes in texture Auto scale resolution settings to be sometimes ignored. We are working on a fix. As a temporary workaround you can delete the following file: Documents\Shapespark\voices_of_women_museum\raw\textures\Artwork_06_Joslyne_Jantjies_BLK.jpg.json and Upload or Bundle the scene again.
Deleting this file forces regeneration of a textures with correct resolution.

Thanks so much Jan! Ryan was going mad trying to figure it out :crazy_face: