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Issues with VR in iPhone

Hi, Team.
I want to know the Field of View on PC and iPhone, because these are different in my scene, of course, a bit.
And also I’ve some issues with VR.
In VR, some materials are not the same as on PC.
What is an important issue is the Orient of the scene. In my iPhone VR, I can see the 90 degree-rotated space.
Please help me.

Hi, the vertical field of view is the same on all devices and configured in the Shapespark editor ‘Camera’ tab. The horizontal field of view is adjusted based on the device screen resolution to match this vertical field of view.

Materials should be the same in VR, could you send us a link to a scene that has the problem with differing materials and the name or location of the material that differs?

The rotation of the scene in iPhone should match the orientation of your screen. Unless you have locked the screen rotation on your iPhone, in such case the scene will not be rotated when the screen is rotated.