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It doesn't have reflection even i put the light probe over this location already

Do you mean reflections on the worktop? The reflections in Shapepsark are only approximate, based on 360-panorama images captured by light probes. Such images cannot capture all the details of the 3D space, and don’t convey depth information, so not all the object can be reflected accurately.

For the worktop, have you tried adding a light probe above the worktop, and aligning the bottom of the bounding box with the worktop?

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yes , i’ve tried add a light probe above the worktop many time , but it still haven’t reflect on worktop .

Could you share a link to the scene (via forum’s private message, if the scene isn’t public), so we could take a look and see if tweaking the bounding box could lead to some improvement?

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oh now it’s fine, i really thanks to u that u try to solve my problem .