It used to work well, but it suddenly doesn't work

Are there any update issues?

Hi @heung_aile,
Do you mean that material picker stopped working?
Could you provide us with a link to your scene if it’s hosted on, or alternatively send us (to a packed .zip file with the problematic scene?
This way we will be able to investigate this issue faster.

I sent you a link. check plz

Hi @heung_aile ,

There are two root causes for the failure of the video changing on click:

  1. WALK.getExtraAssetUrl was accidentally removed in one of the recent updates, we have fixed this and the fix should be live today.
  2. You’re using setMaterialEditable after the scene has already loaded, this throws an additional exception and makes the code fail.

If you fix the 2nd issue then it should work as expected as soon as our update gets rolled out.

I hope this helps

Thank you. It’s working fine now.