Jorge O'Neill virtual exhibition

We are pleased to present our latest virtual exhibition, a result of a project promoted by the Cascais Municipal Council and the Embassy of Ireland in Lisbon, with co-financing from the 2021 ProMuseus Program. The exhibition, titled “The Houses of Jorge O’Neill (1849 – 1925) – A Fascination with Architecture,” was developed under the scientific curatorship of Denise Pereira and involved the participation of the ‘Condes de Castro Guimarães Museum’, the ‘Museum of Portuguese Music – Casa Verdades de Faria’, ‘Casa de Santa Maria’, the Embassy of Ireland, and a group of private collectors, who are descendants of Jorge O’Neill and Raúl Lino. This bilingual virtual exhibition (Portuguese/English), produced by MOM – ImARCH [immersive architecture], not only complements the museum routes but also adds new layers of heritage interpretation, reinforcing the values and identity of these three cultural facilities through a narrative of shared history:


That’s really beautiful. Loved St Martha’s Bridge with the birds! Gorgeous work.

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