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Large project LOD and zooming in

What would be the best approach if we have i.e 1000 homes on a plan, and then zooming in on each section/street and then individual house?
There would be about 5 types of houses in total so repetitive geometry.
How can different zoom levels be implemented?

I don’t think shapespark can handle such large scene.

This is what you want:

What if you break your scene in different views, and hide geometry as you jump in.

The houses on the 1000 homes plan would need to have very basic geometries. For individual house views you could create a 5 separate scenes, one for each house type, and use ‘Open URL’ extension: to load detailed scene with a house that the user selects (for example by clicking a house on the plan).

Don’t know if you solved it but…I found out downscalling your 3D project does the job. If for example your terrain is 500m*500m and you bring it inside shapespark…it goes nuts for sure! but what I did was to downscale a scene inside SKP and it worked, of course some things as lightprobes were not working exactly as intended but it did the trick.

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