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Large scale exterior project

I worked on a large project the last days. First I thought it would be difficult to get this done with Shapespark. But it performed quite well. I always thought it is mainly for apartments. But it seems there is no limit. Just the performance of your hardware. On a smartphone or tablet, the scene crashes.
Residential Area Green Living


:astonished: Wow! It’s a marvelous piece of work! I love how detailed the scene is, how you mixed the 3D model with the background, the lighting, and the grass is great too.

True, there are no inherent limits for the scene size - it’s all about the performance of the hardware.

How many triangles does this scene have?

@tim This is really nice. Like @wojtek said, the background, lighting and grass are great additions.

Just curious about what software you used to create the model and what did you use for the background.

I really like this and would like to be able to add this kind of detail to my model.

Again, great work. :+1::+1::+1:

@wojtek / The scene has about 11 million triangles. I needed to lower the lightmap resolution to 10. And I used only 5 for the samples. With these settings, the scene needs just 20 min to bake.

Is there a limitation on the number of lightmaps? I wonder what happens if I have 20 or 30 million triangles.

Thank you ntxdave.
I used Sketchup for the model. Sometimes I export models from 3DS max which are not available in the quality I need in the Sketchup Warehouse.
The background is a HDR from Poliigon. There are also free HDRs available from HDRIhaven or NoEmotion.

There is no limitation on the number of lightmaps in the software. The hardware is the limiting factor. Each lightmap increases video RAM usage by 64 MB, so not much for a desktop GPU - in a desktop-only scene you can really have many lightmaps provided that the download time is not a problem for you.

I’ve made a quick test, and I’ve successfully opened a 20M-triangle scene with 11 lightmaps using the integrated Intel HD 630 GPU (from 7th gen Core CPU). This shows that high-end scenes do not necessarily need high-end GPUs to open, however they need them if high frame rate is required (in my test the frame rate was ~15 fps).

Once again, I will show my ignorance. @tim How did you apply the HDR background. I have some HDR files and I went to the Sky tab and then I selected one of them as the Sky texture. I am not seeing the HDR background.

I am sorry. That is my fault. A HDRI is not working. Usually with the HDRI you get a jpg as overview. This will work. You can also save a HDRI as jpg and use it.

OK - I got it…I did find a couple that I have been playing with. Still have a lot of learning to do about this environment but I have updated my model to include one. Here is the current version of my model. My Carwash Model

Did you already bake the scene? It looks a bit flat without any shadows.

OH darn - after I updated it in Sketchup and updated it in Shapespark, I forgot to bake it again. :angry: