Light linking question

hi everyone … i try go deeper in lightning and i wonder if there is way to make light linking or exclude some object from some light …

in this picture i add 2 spot for clean the border of this lobby counter

but i would avoid and this light affect the ground …
i think its not possible natively … but if ask a developper ? can he achieve that or its not possible at all at the moment ?

Hi @Julien ,

Currently, it’s not possible to achieve this effect in Shapespark.
On the developer’s side, this would require a considerable amount of work, so we’re not planning to implement it in the foreseeable future. It might change if more people would be interested in that.

Zrzut ekranu 2023-07-19 104609
One thing that you could improve in this scene though is light leaking on the white meshes on the sides. Light leaking may happen when geometry intersects. By moving this mesh a little bit upward, you could prevent it from happening.