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Light passing through the walls

Hello guys.Please take a look at the skreenshot. There is a light in the corner passing through the wall, which doesnt have to be there. But the problem is that the window is behind the wall. Is it possible to fix that? Thank you!

Hi Anton,

Have you tried putting a light probe in the hallway, close to the location of the refection?

Yes, it is there. I think it might be caused because the floor is one big mesh. But if I separate it for each room, I will have visible seams

Rendering reflections in an accurate way is a compute-intensive task, so to maintain good frame-rate of walkthroughs Shapespark employs an approximate technique based on light probes. In our implementation of this technique, a mesh can use only one light probe, which means that for large and complex shapes, like floors, the reflections may be inaccurate.

So, at the moment there is no other solution then the one mentioned by you - splitting the mesh - but as you write, it may cause visible seams.