Light rotation and position reset on fbx import

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We have an issue :neutral_face: When we import our fbx from Blender all the lights that have been tweaked in Shapespark but created in Blender, reset to the Blender state. The IES profile remains though. As we have many iterations, due to client feedback, this is problematic. Is there a work around?
Thanks Jen

Hello Jen,

Could you create a small blender project with those exact lights and send it to me? I will try to recreate this scenario and see what is causing the issue.

Hi Magda,

Will do, thanks.

Thanks for the file. Unfortunately, Shapespark doesnโ€™t yet support merging light instance position/rotation defined in Shapespark with light instance/position coming from the 3D model. So, if your lights are coming from a 3D tool, itโ€™s best to position/rotate them in the 3D tool only. Alternatively, you can add lights in Shapespark, and then manage the position/rotation in Shapespark.

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