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Lines in Texture

Hi All,

I am getting lines in my textures. It looks like two textures side by side but in fact it is only one. Does anyone have any ideas of why this is happening?

Thanks in advance


I guess it might be the lightprobe issue

It could be also lighmap issue if the walls are split into separate objects along one flat area. Make sure that all continuous flat parts of your wall are in the same mesh

Hi Anton / Kuba,

It was a light probe as

Anton suggested. I added another light probe in the kitchen. I have attached an updated image.

There is still a major problem. The reflection from the living room windows is coming through the living room walls onto the concrete floor in the hallway. Is there any way to contain reflections in a room?



Hello John, does the floor material have the ‘Parallax correction’ checkbox enabled in the Materials tab? It looks like the window reflection is not placed where the window actually is. Could you upload this scene and share a link here or to

Hi Jan,

It had parallax correction enabled.

I figured out the problem. I just needed to add another light probe in the hall.

As you said before each texture takes the reflection from the closest light probe. The closest light probe to the hall had been in the living room.