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Living/Kitchen scene

Hello everyone,

Here is a sample space of a small project we are working on, wanted to share with the community and get your impressions, critics and comments are welcome.



Hi @rmolina, Very nice scene, good reflections.
Some minor mistakes I found:
The bowl on the table has an surface texture and is slightly inside the table surface (you can correct this with double sided chek in material tab) or maybe the bowl is correct! :thinking::crazy_face:
The material selector has two same materials or I don’t see any difference between them.

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Thanks @jorgearq for taking the time to comment, I’ll have to double check on the bowl, I’ll update and apply other minor details found and replace the file.

Take care.

Hi @rmolina.

Nice scene! I think there is a mistake with the material selection option for the table. It looks like as if there are two times the same material.

You could prevent that the user can walk through the cooking island ba adding a collision option here. This might let feels things more real.

What’s the trinagle count? My gaming PC struggled to download an play it, not sure if it’s due to my location being in Australia but it didn’t run very smoothly. Looks great tho.